Joshua Tree Music Festival

I had so much fun being on the media team for Joshua Tree Music Festival! I went with my mom and we drove over seven hours to get there and then set up our camp under the spectacular desert night sky. The JTMF is a family friendly global music festival held in Joshua Tree, California. Unfortunately there were no actual Joshua trees in the vicinity of the festival but the National Park was only a ten minute drive away! In addition to music, the festival has yoga, workshops, sound healing, land conservation presentations, live art, performances, shopping, food, and more! Lots of people we met have been attending the music festival for over a decade and there were lots of regulars. Luckily, it is held in October so we escaped the desert heat, however it was extremely windy most of the time and it was difficult to keep our camp in tact! JTMF is also held in May as well. On the drive home, our experience was topped off with witnessing Elon Musk’s Space X launch in southern California, which I thought for sure was a UFO when I saw it! Later on we found out it was a rocket. Still trippyyy!