Nessia Starr- Wellness & Lifestyle Coach


My Experience with Nessia Starr: Holistic Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle Coach

After recently completing Nessia's 6-month Coaching Program, I am excited to say I feel the best I've EVER felt!  My goals were to have increased energy to get me through the day, and to use my increased energy to do more with photography and transition into my photography career from my day job. Nessia is fun, upbeat, and exudes radiant health. We met twice a month in a coffee shop downtown, and after our meetings I always felt inspired, optimistic, and excited to try her new suggestions. 

Nessia created a customized and specific plan to my goals, which was measured based on how gradually implementing new changes made me feel. She introduced strategies and ideas I never would have tried or came across anywhere else on my own. She was able to look at my life with a fresh perspective, and directly address how to overcome any obstacle I had. I learned exactly what I need to do to make myself feel great, to recognize the feeling and importance of high quality food, how to boost my overall health and immune system using supplements, how to detox my home, strategies to make meal planning easy and efficient, and so much more!! 

The most significant change I noticed was an overall energy level increase throughout the day. I gained the tools and knowledge to have more control over how I feel physically and mentally. Nessia’s guidance for a more positive mindset and tools such as meditation and gratitude have drastically improved the quality of my life. Another significant change I experienced during her program was that I found my photography niche and how to use it in a way to help and benefit others. This discovery makes it possible to direct my focus and energy into what really matters for my business. Nessia introduced exciting business and marketing strategies and we implemented a gradual and realistic path for transitioning careers from my 9 to 5 day job, to my photography business, which I have now started part-time and love it!!

With Nessia's coaching I have implemented a sustainable lifestyle and have the tools I need to go forward in my life with excellent health, a positive mindset, and the courage to fulfill my dreams and life purpose.  

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and supportive coach to help you meet your goals, I highly recommend Nessia Starr!  She will change your life!

Natalie Vaughan