FP Movement x Honestly Fit

Photoshoot for Honestly Fit www.honestlyfit.com
Clothing by Free People Movement www.freepeople.com/fp-movement
Photographed by NatVon Photography

This photoshoot was coordinated and directed by my good friend Orissa Rose, the executive editor of Honestly Fit, which is a wellness and fitness blog. There is something so empowering about gathering a group of women to create something together, and I feel this photoshoot perfectly embodied the refreshing feeling of nature, wellness, camaraderie and fashion inspiration. We gathered at one of San Francisco’s most beautiful locations with a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The photoshoot was styled by one of my favorite fashion brands, Free People Movement, whom I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with!

Golden Goddess

Oh how I love the wonderful, creative people I get to work with! For this editorial, the model Meliz put together the entire concept, outfit, and location, and I was excited she asked me to bring it to life with my photography. This was one of the rare early-morning photoshoots I’ve done, but the lighting was well worth it! Everything was glowing gold and Meliz exuded total goddess vibes! I also love how everything is in harmony with the Earth and she looks like an Earth-protecting strong female warrior.

Model, Makeup, Styling: Meliz S @gypsy_danger
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Headdress: Michelle Curiel @artisticalshell
Pants: Temple Ro @templerosf
Location: Los Gatos, California

Cemetery Siren

This photoshoot took place in a historic cemetery with many of the tombstones from the 1800s and early 1900s. The ghostly cemetery cats watching us gave the feeling of a scouring presence. I combined powers with the super talented and inspiring model Kristen Pro, who is also a sponsored yogi. Her yoga background provided some unique poses along with a full wardrobe that she pulled together herself, and spot-on makeup artistry— she is super talented!! She embodied the gothic, creepy cemetery vibes and the whole shoot felt like a flowing art piece. The hair stylist, Carissa Pierotti, and I met at an art show in San Jose where she was showcasing her work and I have been excited to work with her ever since. The cemetery spirits even seemed to have added in a little touch to the photos. We had so much fun doing this shoot and I love the mystical, authentic, and creepy essence produced from our dream team collaboration!

Model, Makeup, and Styling: Kristen Pro @kristenpro / @luxerose_
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Hair stylist: Carissa Pierotti @creativecarissadesigns
Location: Bay Area, California

Gabby- Fashion Designer and Stylist

Name: Gabby T

Social media: @xxgabzz

Age: 24

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Favorite crystal/stone: Fluorite

Profession: Creator

Favorite festival: Symbiosis or LiB

Favorite quote: "Work is love made visible"

“I've always loved fashion. I started making clothes because I would get ideas of outfits I wanted to wear, but I couldn't find them in stores, so I'd make it or rework a piece. I'm going back to school for it and I'm excited to see where that takes me!”

Ariel Peake at Northern Nights

          Norther Nights was SO. MUCH. FUN!! For sure one of my favorite music festivals of all time. One of the stages was located in a grove of redwood trees with beautiful decorations all around, which is where we shot these photos. Ariel was an "Influencer" for the festival and got a free VIP ticket so she could share and promote the festival with her large social media following. For our first look we shot a hat from Neon Cowboys and then switched it up with an outfit from Noralina Freedom Designs who had a booth at the festival. Our shoot was abruptly ended by someone screaming on an acid trip, but up until that point we had a very lovely time!

Model: Ariel Peake @ariel_peake
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Music Festival: Northern Nights, Piercy Campground, Humboldt County, CA @nnmfestival
Hat: Neon Cowboys @neoncowboys
Outfit: Noralina Freedom Designs @noralinafreedom

Leslie Gray

Model & Styling: Leslie Gray @lesliegrayyy
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Outfit: @xxgabzz and @_mamadoux_
Location: San Jose, California

          Leslie and I have been shooting since day one and I always admire how our creativity flows together. She recently moved to Colorado but happened to be in town, so we jumped on the opportunity to create some photoshoot magic. We came up with the theme and location on short notice, then executed Purple Paradise Perfection! Leslie's birthday was a couple days after the shoot, so we decided this was her birthday shoot which makes it extra special.  Plus, purple is our favorite color!

More about Leslie
Age: 26
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Birthstone: Pearl
Profession: Performer
Favorite festival: Lucidity
Favorite quote: "What you seek is seeking you" -Rumi
Hidden talent: She loves scuba diving!
Social media: @lesliegrayyy

The Golden Choke

Photoshoot for The Golden Choke @thegoldenchoke
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Model: Sarah Lynn of HMM Agency @marielynn27
Hair and Makeup: Macy Raye Graham at Vivace Salon Pleasanton @by.macy.raye

This photoshoot was a #GIRLBOSS collaboration between me and some of my hometown friends.  Lanea Warren, founder and owner of The Golden Choke, creates the choker necklaces by hand, each with an added touch of a Swarovski crystal and a 24k gold bead.  Her company's mission is to bring about awareness for domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as encouraging women to embrace their sensuality.  Hair and makeup styling took place at Vivace Salon, a luxurious salon with a patio and garden, in where we shot the first look. Macy worked her magic to create this flawless whimsical look on San Jose model Sarah Lynn. This is my second time shooting with Sarah.  I love shooting with her because she has a beautifully unique way of portraying her essence and emotion through modeling.  Soon after this shoot she shaved her head and headed off to Maui to explore. She stated that she shaved her head in order to work on inner confidence and said that, "I think especially these days girls worry about what they look like and what people think about them, but I say forget that because everyone is different and everyone deserves to be confident in who God has made them to be."


Photoshoot with Mila Givens of JE Models

This photoshoot in Oakland, CA was an interesting experience!  After doing so many shoots in secluded nature recently, it was a lot different shooting on a busy city street.  Mila and I endured the honking cars, nosy passerbys, hooting and hollering, and having to "be a customer" to use restrooms as fitting rooms.  The only thing I went into this photoshoot expecting was for Mila to be there and I knew the location of the pink wall.  The rainbow wall art and purple flowers from a small flower shop were exquisite delights I discovered while shooting.  Enjoy!