Joshua Tree Music Festival

I had so much fun being on the media team for Joshua Tree Music Festival! I went with my mom and we drove over seven hours to get there and then set up our camp under the spectacular desert night sky. The JTMF is a family friendly global music festival held in Joshua Tree, California. Unfortunately there were no actual Joshua trees in the vicinity of the festival but the National Park was only a ten minute drive away! In addition to music, the festival has yoga, workshops, sound healing, land conservation presentations, live art, performances, shopping, food, and more! Lots of people we met have been attending the music festival for over a decade and there were lots of regulars. Luckily, it is held in October so we escaped the desert heat, however it was extremely windy most of the time and it was difficult to keep our camp in tact! JTMF is also held in May as well. On the drive home, our experience was topped off with witnessing Elon Musk’s Space X launch in southern California, which I thought for sure was a UFO when I saw it! Later on we found out it was a rocket. Still trippyyy!

One Stop Soul Shop at Northern Nights

When I was shopping at the vendor booths at Northern Nights I was immediately attracted to One Stop Soul Shop! The owner, Mackenzie, is a boss babe entrepreneur who makes beautiful one-of-a-kind dreamcatchers and crystal jewelry. Her passion and positive vibes radiate into her creations. We set up a photoshoot, and as we were walking to the shooting location we passed a beautiful woman that we thought we also be an amazing model for the shoot! Her name was Sara, and she kindly agreed to model, as you can see in the first few photos. I just love how this shoot synchronistically came together!

Dreamcatchers: One Stop Soul Shop / @onestopsoulshop /
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
First Model: Sara @smileysarasmiles
Second model: Mackenzie, owner of One Stop Soul Shop
Outfit: Warrior Within Designs @warriorwithindesigns
Festival: Northern Nights @nnmfestival

In-Depth Hawaii Hoopdance Retreat 2018

In-Depth Hawaii Hoopdance Retreat (
Produced by Caroline Pauline Cárdenas creator of The Hula Hoop Girl (
January 20-27, 2018
Location: Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii

        The intention of In-Depth Hawaii Hoopdance Retreat was to create a safe, inviting, and loving space to inspire the mind, body, and soul to experience the transformational power of joy replenishment through Body & Movement Play. The week consisted of seven days filled with several workshops taught by some of the world's best hoopdance instructors, morning yoga classes taught by a talented Somatic Psychologist and Yoga Teacher, dining on a variety of delicious organic meals prepared by the Kalani staff, and free time in the jungles to roam and explore. 

        This retreat and the powerful, caring women who helped imagine and create this experience will always hold a dear place in my heart. Together, we laughed, cried, played, and as Caroline would say, danced in the center of our joy. Photographing the retreat was one of the most exciting and fulfilling photography projects I have ever experienced. After being immersed in the fullness of the week’s activities, connections, and creative expression with all of the women at the retreat, I knew that I was living my dream job and felt even more inspired to forge ahead and pursue my vision of becoming a full-time photographer to share my art with the world. My heart is full of gratitude and so much joy and I am forever shaped by this amazing time when we all danced in the center of our joy in the jungles of the Big Island. 

       If you are interested in a Soul fulfilling experience, check out what In-Depth Hawaii Hoopdance Retreat is all about. I assure you that your joy will be replenished and you will learn new hoopdance tricks and techniques, create great memories, and make great friends too! 

UPDATE: Due to recent Kīlauea eruptions, lava flow, earthquakes, presence of toxic gasses and road closures impacting the Kalani Retreat Center, the decision has been made to cancel In-Depth 2019. In Caroline's words, "It has been my honor to produce the final In-Depth Hawaii Hoopdance Retreat! My hope is to return to one of the Hawaiian Islands in the future to offer another Hoopdance Retreat again. Only time will tell and only Mother Nature will dictate what the future holds…Stay tuned for a new Hoopdance Retreat in a new location for 2020 or 2021."

Gail O'Brien's Workshop

Gail O'Brien's Workshop

Rachel Lust's Workshop

Rachel Lust's Workshop

Caroline Cardenas' Workshop

Caroline Cardenas' Workshop

Tulasi's Yoga Class

Tulasi's Yoga Class

Adventure day!

Adventure day!

Caroline Cardenas and Tulasi Adeva

Caroline Cardenas and Tulasi Adeva

Morgan Jenkins

Morgan Jenkins

Melissa's Leg Hooping Workshop

Melissa's Leg Hooping Workshop

Morgan Jenkins' Hoopography Workshop

Morgan Jenkins' Hoopography Workshop

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach

Gail O'Brien

Gail O'Brien

Thanks to Caroline for getting some photos of me!

Thanks to Caroline for getting some photos of me!



I'm so excited I got to shoot with my friend Sara! She and I met at our mutual friend's birthday getaway weekend where we went wine tasting, hooped, and adventured together and have been friends since! Her red hair, "atomic smile", and ukulele skills made her an inspiring subject to photograph. Sara is currently an ESL teacher, and has plans in the near future to travel to India to get her yoga teacher certification. The shoot took place at a park in Los Gatos, California, where I found a spot where the lighting was just perfect! Enjoy :)

Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Model: Sara M @wanderlustdriver
Pendant: Third Eye Pinecones
Top: Free People



Forest Hooping

Photoshoot with hooper Samantha V. 
Leggings by Slit Weave
Location: Nisene Marks State Park, California

Interview with Samantha Varada
Hometown: San Martin, California

Q: How and when did you start hooping?
I started hooping because I wanted to find something flow/dance oriented after I stopped gloving. Definitely inspired by OG hoopers in the rave scene. I don't really rave anymore and hooping had become my own personal flow expression. My first hoop was a duck taped toy hoop from Target and I've been hooping consistently for about three years now.

Q: What is your favorite thing about hooping?
My favorite thing about hooping was that it was my way into the wonderful world of dance/flow. I've always loved dance but it was never anything I was exposed to as a kid. The hoop was a way for me to be a part of a world that I've only ever admired from afar.

Q: What is your favorite hoop diameter?
This is kind of always changing for me as I progress or depending on how much in practice I am. Essentially anything from a 26 to 29 is awesome for me. I love isolations but I also love on-body too.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
I'm kind of obsessed with waffles. It's an actual food group for me.

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote?
"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms." - Zen Shin

The Golden Choke

Photoshoot for The Golden Choke @thegoldenchoke
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Model: Sarah Lynn of HMM Agency @marielynn27
Hair and Makeup: Macy Raye Graham at Vivace Salon Pleasanton @by.macy.raye

This photoshoot was a #GIRLBOSS collaboration between me and some of my hometown friends.  Lanea Warren, founder and owner of The Golden Choke, creates the choker necklaces by hand, each with an added touch of a Swarovski crystal and a 24k gold bead.  Her company's mission is to bring about awareness for domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as encouraging women to embrace their sensuality.  Hair and makeup styling took place at Vivace Salon, a luxurious salon with a patio and garden, in where we shot the first look. Macy worked her magic to create this flawless whimsical look on San Jose model Sarah Lynn. This is my second time shooting with Sarah.  I love shooting with her because she has a beautifully unique way of portraying her essence and emotion through modeling.  Soon after this shoot she shaved her head and headed off to Maui to explore. She stated that she shaved her head in order to work on inner confidence and said that, "I think especially these days girls worry about what they look like and what people think about them, but I say forget that because everyone is different and everyone deserves to be confident in who God has made them to be."


Pure Faery Gold

This photoshoot with Karina in Santa Cruz, California was one of my most favorite photoshoots of all time.  It had everything a good photoshoot needed including a beautiful model, perfect lighting, and an amazing location.  But what really made it special was the adventure aspect to it and the unexpected surprises.  After hiking around for the perfect shooting spot, the clouds moved over the sun to create the most perfect soft gold light.  Karina is a rare real-life fairy so there was no problem photographing her shining her true beauty in the most natural state.  Literally the minute we stopped shooting in the woods, the clouds moved out from in front of the sun revealing a vivid display of sunset colors.  We transformed into the next look and then ran to the nearest beach cliff to soak our souls in the incredible sunset and let our creativity flow.  Karina had a box filled with crystals that looked really amazing in the light and I was literally in awe about how perfect everything was at that moment!  It was so hard to stop taking pictures but when we finally did we just sat to watch the sunset and we saw a whale breach!  We watched it come up a few times then continued to talk about life and dreams.  Karina totally inspired me and shared some of the most amazing beauty secrets with me!!  Hope the photos show the magic, inspiration, and beauty we experienced during this shoot.  Enjoy!

Photoshoot with Mila Givens of JE Models

This photoshoot in Oakland, CA was an interesting experience!  After doing so many shoots in secluded nature recently, it was a lot different shooting on a busy city street.  Mila and I endured the honking cars, nosy passerbys, hooting and hollering, and having to "be a customer" to use restrooms as fitting rooms.  The only thing I went into this photoshoot expecting was for Mila to be there and I knew the location of the pink wall.  The rainbow wall art and purple flowers from a small flower shop were exquisite delights I discovered while shooting.  Enjoy!