Gabby- Fashion Designer and Stylist

Name: Gabby T

Social media: @xxgabzz

Age: 24

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Favorite crystal/stone: Fluorite

Profession: Creator

Favorite festival: Symbiosis or LiB

Favorite quote: "Work is love made visible"

“I've always loved fashion. I started making clothes because I would get ideas of outfits I wanted to wear, but I couldn't find them in stores, so I'd make it or rework a piece. I'm going back to school for it and I'm excited to see where that takes me!”

Leslie Gray

Model & Styling: Leslie Gray @lesliegrayyy
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Outfit: @xxgabzz and @_mamadoux_
Location: San Jose, California

          Leslie and I have been shooting since day one and I always admire how our creativity flows together. She recently moved to Colorado but happened to be in town, so we jumped on the opportunity to create some photoshoot magic. We came up with the theme and location on short notice, then executed Purple Paradise Perfection! Leslie's birthday was a couple days after the shoot, so we decided this was her birthday shoot which makes it extra special.  Plus, purple is our favorite color!

More about Leslie
Age: 26
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Birthstone: Pearl
Profession: Performer
Favorite festival: Lucidity
Favorite quote: "What you seek is seeking you" -Rumi
Hidden talent: She loves scuba diving!
Social media: @lesliegrayyy


When I moved to the south bay over a year and a half ago I immediately connected up with the local hooping community. These girls became my first and best friends and we share so many fun experiences together. Olivia came up with the name Ring Queens for our hoop sisterhood and the name stuck.  These photos were taken during a hoop jam that Jordan put on in Downtown San Jose.  After jamming out for a while we walked over to my favorite purple wall and took these shots!!  

Models: Jordan Erickson, Amy Sargent, Olivia Miller, Me


The Golden Choke

Photoshoot for The Golden Choke @thegoldenchoke
Photographer: NatVon Photography @natvonphoto
Model: Sarah Lynn of HMM Agency @marielynn27
Hair and Makeup: Macy Raye Graham at Vivace Salon Pleasanton @by.macy.raye

This photoshoot was a #GIRLBOSS collaboration between me and some of my hometown friends.  Lanea Warren, founder and owner of The Golden Choke, creates the choker necklaces by hand, each with an added touch of a Swarovski crystal and a 24k gold bead.  Her company's mission is to bring about awareness for domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as encouraging women to embrace their sensuality.  Hair and makeup styling took place at Vivace Salon, a luxurious salon with a patio and garden, in where we shot the first look. Macy worked her magic to create this flawless whimsical look on San Jose model Sarah Lynn. This is my second time shooting with Sarah.  I love shooting with her because she has a beautifully unique way of portraying her essence and emotion through modeling.  Soon after this shoot she shaved her head and headed off to Maui to explore. She stated that she shaved her head in order to work on inner confidence and said that, "I think especially these days girls worry about what they look like and what people think about them, but I say forget that because everyone is different and everyone deserves to be confident in who God has made them to be."