Q: What is the process of setting up a photoshoot?
A: Don't be shy to send me an email letting me know you are interested in shooting!  Once we talk about the look you are going for we can talk about possible dates.  Once we decide on a date, I require a $100 non-refundable deposit to save the date for your shoot. The deposit goes toward the overall cost of the photoshoot.  Upon receiving the deposit I will create and send you a mood/inspiration board for ideas and looks.  I also require you to sign a model release.  Then, you show up for the shoot!!  The turnaround time for post processing is about 2-3 weeks. 

Q: Can I put filters on the images you send me?
A: Please don't! :)  I would say 50% of my style is the way I edit my photos.  In post processing I customize every photo's mood and look, so putting an Instagram filter over it makes me feel sad :(

Q: What if I have NO experience modeling?
A: Don't even worry!  I will direct and guide you through the entire shoot.  I will tell you how to pose and what facial expressions to do, and even help you decide on outfits, makeup, accessories, etc.  The whole reason you hire a professional photographer is because they know what looks good in a picture and the best lighting to bring out your best features.  Everyone is beautiful and it will be a lot of fun to capture your beauty-- no experience necessary!

Q: What if I need to lose a few pounds before I can do a photoshoot?
A: I've heard so many people say this.  If you want to do a photoshoot, Just Do It!  I have the secret poses, lighting techniques, and some extra tricks up my sleeve to make you look super hott and possibly a few pounds slimmer ;) 

Q: How can I look my absolute best in the photoshoot?
A: Blog post on this coming very soon!!!!  In the mean time, email me and I will tell you.

Have any other questions?  I would love to answer them.  You can fill out the form on my contact page or email me at hello@natvonphoto.com