Natalie Vaughan is an artist of her own. She's an independent thinker that carries an extreme passion for her art. She takes her work incredibly seriously, like the amazing photographer she is would.  Every shoot we have done together, the photographs are impeccable and carry an astounding aesthetic quality to them.  This is true because Natalie connects to all that she does.  Her trade has matured; growing steadily alongside her New Age niche.  The act and process of shooting with NatVonPhotography is thrilling.  Her direction is powerful.  Her eye for color and positioning is award winning. Every photograph she designs is, without a doubt, timeless. 

-Lanea Ariel Warren

I have been a friend of Natalie and an admirer of her work for many years. We always talked about doing a shoot together but I have never been one to take lots of photos, or love to pose for them. When I graduated from my college, I decided to forge the traditional grad portraits which I later regretted. The following year as my Masters graduation approached, I felt compelled to not let the opportunity pass again, and naturally, I got in touch with my favorite photographer.

Natalie was so kind and enthusiastic; she made me feel really special and actually excited to be in front of a camera. When discussing the vision for my shoot, I was having a hard time describing what I wanted, but with just a few words about texture, lighting, and colors, Natalie was able to pick up on exactly what I was envisioning. She is very intuitive, and a very good listener; the location she chose was stunning and it far exceeded my expectations.

During our shoot, Natalie was wonderful. She has such a great eye for lighting, angles, and finding the most beautiful backdrops. As I mentioned before, this was my first time having professional photos, so I did not really know what I was doing. Natalie gave me guidance throughout the entire process, she suggested poses and made sure I looked great in every shot. She made me feel confident, and beautiful, and she made me laugh a lot, which ended up producing some wonderful candid shots that I love.

Although I was nervous at first, I ended up having so much fun. The photos are amazing and I am so happy that Natalie made this possible. She truly does have the artistic touch that sets her work apart. I never thought I would say this, but I cannot wait to do it again! Thank you so so much Natalie!

-Anca Todor


Shooting with Nat was incredible! She has a very keen eye for detail, which shows in her work. She took the time to go over the outfit details from the jewelry, clothes, makeup, flash tattoos, and hair to ensure we got the right look and feel of the shoot. I felt like I was in good hands from the start, especially with how professional she was. On top of that, she was cool, extremely nice, and so easy to work with. Sometimes you get a photographer that makes you feel uncomfortable, but she was the complete opposite. I felt right at home and both of our creative energy flowed so naturally. I can't wait to work with her again! 

-Model, Toni-Michelle also known as @Smokahont_ass