June 7, 2021

Sacred Earthlings

Leslie Gray and I have been working together since day one, and have done several photoshoots together! She came to me with the idea for this shoot, and I was all about it! She now lives in Colorado and was coming to visit the Bay Area for 48 hours. She wanted to do a forest photoshoot with a group of friends with the theme "implied nude earthlings coming together in communion with earth, body and spirit". HECK YES. I suggested the location of Redwood Regional Park in Oakland and that everyone wears white.

On the day of the shoot, we had to hike about half a mile to find the perfect patch of forest to create the magic. These beautiful ladies LOVED the camera and made it so flowy and easy to get the best shots. The most technically challenging shots were of Leslie solo in the forest with the rainbows and light orbs around her since it was all done in camera and the lighting, posing, manual focusing of the Petzval lens, and holding flowers in from of the camera all simultaneously had to be done just right.

I hope you enjoy the beauty and magic we created!


Leslie Gray @lesliegrayyy

Sonia Tiger @soniatiger

Lady Lanie @lady_lanie

Melissa Mariah @melissamariahhh